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Dear Friends:

The Legislative Committee of the Board of Aldermen have changed the date for the second hearing on the proposed School of Organization and Management. It will be held:

New Haven Board of Aldermen
Legislative Committee
Public Hearing re:
Design and Zone change for a Planned Development District for
Yale’s new School of Organization and Management, 155-175 Whitney Avenue
February 11, 2010
6 PM
Aldermanic Chambers, City Hall, 165 Church Street

* Although the University has reduced the length of the building’s face on Whitney Avenue, it is still a mammoth building:

  • half as long as the New Haven Green
  • its entire street face is as as tall as the Peabody Museum’s tower, at 65 ft, as tall as a six story building
  • the facade facing Bradley street is 85 ft tall – as high as an eight story building
  • the experience of the building’s giant size is made even more emphatic by the scale and texture of its materials: ground to roof glass walls, blue metal silos, and roof overhang

* The plan will destroy valuable historic buildings along a coherent and beautiful urban place, while not fixing deficient circulation patterns:

  • the plan’s pedestrian and bike route on the north side of the building is narrow, and dangerous where it requires trucks, walkers and bikes to share the same narrow driveway
  • the plan includes a drop-off driveway on Whitney Avenue, in addition to its main driveway, which creates hazards for people walking, biking and driving on Whitney Avenue

* The plan fails to comply with the standards for a Planned Development DIstrict, which must, be “So designed in its space allocation, orientation, texture, materials, landscaping,and other features as to produce an environment … complimenting the design and values of the surrounding neighborhood.”


We do not oppose SOM’s expansion, we wish to see a better project that will protect and enhance this vital part of the city.

If you can not attend the hearing, please write to:

Alderman Roland Lemar, Chairman
Legislative Committee
New Haven Board of Aldermen
165 Church Street
New Haven, CT 06510

Copy to the Legislative Committee Staff:


And to us:

New Haven Urban Design League
129 Church Street Suite 419
New Haven, CT 06510
203 624 0175 t